The Athena


I want to welcome you to The Castle Athena and It's Home Page. Here you will find a lot of information. You will find who is on The Athena and what jobs they may hold. You will also see what jobs are still open. One thing you will also find is different events that The Athena hold each month. Some of the events are done on a yearly basis or every other year but there is something done for almost every month. Please take the time to read the whole page and see what The Athena has to offer.

If you become a full member of The Athena I will give you my contact information so that if you need to contact me you will have a way to do so. If you are not yet a full member of The Athena then you will be down as a Peasant. Once you have become a full member then you will be allowed to have a job title and as long as you have a job title you will be allowed to come to personal events that only full members can attend. Even if your job is small you still will be allowed to join in the personal events that full members are allow to join.

If there is a job you think you can do but there is no title please let me know what it is and I will talk with you about this job and see if I can find you a title that fits.

Thank you for viewing The Castle Athena.
Please pull up a seat and enjoy your stay.

Please register by clicking the link above. Before you do register please read the rules before you become a member of the castle.

I welcome you to The Athena Castle and I hope that you enjoy your stay here.

As you came up to the bridge you noticed a couple knights that stood at the door entry.

You come in peace and wish to join the kingdom and hope that the Queen will welcome you into the court and have room within the walls.

The Queen welcomes you with open arms and has the chamber maid take you to your chamber where you will wait to be given your duties as the newest member of the castle.

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